Pioneer Flora was born from a desire to restore the bond between plants and healing. Inspired by ancient traditions of medicine, each formula is created with the highest quality botanicals intended to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms. At Pioneer Flora, we are not interested in wellness fads. We are interested in plant medicines that work.

Tired of ineffective herbal treatments, Pioneer Flora's founder, Naneh Israelyan, decided to take matters into her own hands. After earning a degree in Plant Sciences and working as an ethnobotanical and medicinal foods researcher, she began preparing concentrated botanical regimens per the instructions and rituals discovered through her research. After a personal health success, Naneh coached friends and family through their own health hiccups. Today, Pioneer Flora offers proprietary blends intended to balance, nourish and strengthen body systems using dried plant matter.

In herbal medicine, dosage, timing and process is everything. That is why we prepackage raw materials into their effective dosage amounts using ethically-sourced and certified organic dried plants. Each blend draws from various schools of traditional medicine, including Bioregional Indigenous American, Ayurveda, TCM, Nepalese, South Pacific, and Armenian.  

Simply steep a bag for 6-8 hours covered. Add honey to sweeten the infusion if you please (the blends are not crafted for taste, but for optimum efficacy). Once complete, remove the pouch and drink the infusion at your leisure for up to 24 hours for maximum potency. Repeat the process as necessary.

Browse our medicinal blends here and happy healing!

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