"The live being recurrently loses and reestablishes equilibrium with his surroundings. The moment of passage from disturbance into harmony is that of intensest life."

   -John Dewey from Art as Experience


Herbal medicine is touchy. When I first started my education in this field the evidence was not consistent. There are tons of studies supporting the efficacy of plants to heal and rehabilitate the body. There are an equal number of studies disproving the same plants. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence. There is plenty of snake oil too. Then there is medicine from the dawn of civilization up until the rise of synthetic medicine in 1804, which was, broadly speaking, plant-based therapies.

Like many, I turned to herbal medicine as a last resort to ineffective and costly pharmaceuticals. I often think back on how much I invested in supplements, tinctures, teas, powders...you name it, I tried it. Some of them worked sometimes, some of them worked never, and some of them kind-of-maybe-I'm-feeling-different-but-it's-hard-to-tell worked.


But that's the gamble you take with herbal products. It's unregulated, so you can pick and choose as you like but you may also be buying into a capsule of fillers (a practice known as adulteration -- an all too familiar feature of the botanicals industry). But therein lies the beauty of it all. There's no quality control but the path to wellness is in your hands. This concept has been a huge motivating factor for me. The power was mine to heal, it just took some finessing.

And some finessing I did. Five years of learning and working under ethnobotanists, herbalists, alternative healing practitioners, I finally got a grasp on effective formulations and used this knowledge to heal myself and others. 

The formulas in each blend have been fine-tuned for their efficacy. They are not palatable. They are not sugary or sweet. They are medicinal.

Pioneer Flora is a return to plant healing how it is intended by ancient practices.

Each blend is a synergistic combination of only nutrient-dense dried herbs that tone and nourish specific or broad body systems. They are prepackaged to correct serving sizes and must steep for at least 6 hours to draw out the components which render them medicinal.

The resulting beverage is, fundamentally, a medicinal tea. Or as some would say in the herbal healing community: an infusion. Refer to our FAQ on how to make the most of your regimen.   


Pioneer species are the first signs of life in a formerly destroyed ecosystem, such as in the event of a fire or deforestation. They are hardy and adaptable. They lay the foundation for a biodiverse environment that will rise organically from the life they create. Pioneer Flora was designed with this idea in my heart. Each blend cultivates a healthy, resilient foundation that once laid, the body completes the work it was meant for : to restore balance in our internal ecosystems. 


May moments of passage into harmony be worthwhile and plentiful and happy healing!






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