Built to protect and strengthen the immune and nervous systems, this tincture should be taken 1-3 X / day. 

Ingredients :


Holy Basil aerial parts (Ocimum tenuiflorum)- Adaptogenic herb used for combating stress and anxiety, neuroprotective.


Spilanthes flowering tops (Acmella oleracea) - Chemically similar to echinacea (Echinaceaspp.), Spilanthes is a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic. 


Hyssop aerial parts (Hyssopus officinalis) - Soothing to the respiratory tract, anti-congestive, and aromatic. 


Elderberries fruits (Sambucus nigra) - Anti-viral, immunomodulator. 


German chamomile flowering tops (Matricaria chamomilla) - A nervine and immune-enhancer.