Enlightenment Wines Meadery

 Pioneer Flora

library of medicinal and edible plants

Enlightenment Wines Meadery and Pioneer Flora are collaborating in the cultivation of a botanical library of significant, rare and medicinal plants. Located on the rooftop of EWM's tasting room, Honey's, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the garden features species within their appropriate healing traditions, including (but not limited to) Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Indigenous American, Mexican, European and Caribbean. The library will serve as a creative hub that centers around the discussion of plant knowledge, traditional medicine systems, food science, self-care, and the Indigenous and ethnic communities that have shaped our understanding of plant-based therapies.


Our education program includes workshops, classes and talks intended to connect the community to the restorative and healing power of plants. The garden will be used as a reference and resource for the formulation of plant-based medicines and foods. Sign up below to stay up to date for future events!



93 Scott Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11237