Naneh Israelyan is a gardener, herbalist, microgreen grower and private chef based in Brooklyn. Her work centers around nourishing, educating, and empowering others through rebuilding and redefining relationships with food and botanical medicine across the alllevels of the supply chain. She collaborates with Honey’s and Enlightenment Wines Meadery, cultivating the rooftop garden into a home for medicinal, edible and historically vital plants. She grows microgreens for select restaurants and handcrafts botanical tonics available for purchase through the shop. As a private chef, she specializes in family-style meals with an emphasis on seasonal and market produce. 

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Enlightenment Wines Meadery and Pioneer Flora are collaborating in the cultivation of a botanical library of significant, rare and medicinal plants. Located on the rooftop of EWM's tasting room, Honey's, in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the garden features essential species of various healing traditions,

such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Indigenous American, Mexican, European and Caribbean. The library serves as a creative hub that centers around the discussion of plant knowledge and mead-adjacent topics including herbal medicine, fermentation, experimentation, and plant lore.

Honey's Rooftop Garden

Specializing in family-style meals for the workplace and private home meal prep for the week centered around seasonal produce and whole grains. Please forward all inquiries to !



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