Why an infusion?

Infusions offer taste and bioavailability that other methods of administration sometimes lack. Much like how bitters activate bile duct secretion from the moment they hit your mouth; plant matter sends cues to body systems to activate healing when tasted. Each blend contains herbs whose medicinal components are more bioavailable using water as the main extraction medium, as oppose to glycerine or ethanol in the case of tinctures.  

It tastes weird! Can I do anything to make it taste better?

You are welcome to add sweetener of your choice. We do not recommend adding any kind of dairy or non-dairy milks as the metabolic effects of the tea may be reduced by the presence of certain milk proteins. Also remember! The distinct taste of the infusion will encourage healing simply as is.

But aren't fresh herbs more potent than dried herbs?

Surprisingly, no! Dried herbs are more medicinal than fresh herbs because they have been stripped of their water content and are now purely compounds of secondary metabolism in plants. Things like flavonoids, alkaloids, essential oils, tannins, and other phytochemicals are now easily accessible as the plant is dried. Furthermore, once thoroughly dried, the plant no longer goes through biochemical changes, which can alter its properties and make it prone to contamination. 

How are the formulas in the blends constructed?

The formulas employ traditional western herbal medicine practices of formula making. There are many branches of traditional medicine that are very much tied to ethnic identity. The ingredients are drawn from various branches but most notably, Western Indigenous Bioregional, South Pacific, TCM, Ayurveda, Nepalese and Armenian. The formulas are constructed using at least three parts medicinally active herbs and one part mucilaginous herb as a carrier herb and to allay any potential irritation. They are constructed by weight. They also employ principles of plant synergism well recorded through out the history of plant healing. Certain plants bring out certain properties of other plants. Think companion planting, but for our internal ecosystems.

Should I consult my physician before starting these infusions?

As a retailer, we are prohibited from dispensing medicinal advice, diagnosing conditions, and discussing drug interactions. The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration). This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with your physician, and should not be construed as individual medical advice. 

How do I prepare an Pioneer Flora infusion?

A Pioneer Flora infusion must steep for 6-8 hours covered. After steeping is complete, remove the bag upon waking and drink the infusion incrementally for up to 24 hours for maximum potency. Whether you use cold or hot water to brew will depend on the blend and will be noted on the box. Each tea bag is intended for large batch infusions.

How long until I notice any improvements?

Some blends, which include adaptogens, will take time to present any observable differences. Adaptogens help our bodies adapt to stress and as such, they function accumulatively. These blends often require a break after 6 weeks to allow the body to regulate itself. Other blends will do the job after five days.

I have an adverse reaction to an ingredient in a blend, can I request it to be taken out?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate custom blends at this juncture. Each blend is so fine-tuned that if one ingredient is lost, the whole blend loses its balance. Continue to check back with us as we may add an option for custom herbal blends in the future. 

Where do your herbs come from?

All of our herbs are sourced from small farms in the Pacific Northwest and Vermont. They are vetted for quality and we choose only to purchase from organic, non-GMO farms. 

Are the tea bags compostable?

Great question! YES! 

"Nothing is better, nothing is best. Take care of your health and get plenty of rest."

              -The Byrds

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