Herbal medicine is touchy. There are tons of clinical studies supporting the use of botanicals to heal and rehabilitate the body. There are also a ton of clinical studies disproving the medicinal efficacy of many of the same botanicals. Then there is anecdotal evidence. There are some who claim the laws of herbal medicine don't follow the same criteria as pharmaceuticals when put under the eye of clinical trials. And still, there are some who claim the whole lot is snake oil. And then we have the history of medicine from the dawn of civilization up until the rise of synthetic medicine in 1804 -- which was, broadly speaking, all plant-based therapies. The jury is still out on the matter. 

Like many, I turned to herbal medicine as a last resort to ineffective and costly pharmaceuticals. I often think back on how much I invested in supplements and tinctures and teas. Some of them worked sometimes, some of them worked never, and some of them kind-of-maybe-I'm-feeling-different-but-it's-hard-to-tell worked. But that's the gamble you take with herbal products. It's unregulated, so you can pick and choose as you like but you may also be buying into a capsule of fillers. Therein lies the beauty of the industry. There's no quality control but the path to wellness is in your hands. This concept has been a huge motivation for me. The power was mine to heal, it just took some finessing.

The formulas in each blend have been fine-tuned for their efficacy. They are not palatable. They are not sugary or sweet. They are medicinal. Pioneer Flora is a return to plant healing how it was intended. Each blend is a synergistic combination of nutrient-dense herbs that tone and nourish specific or broad body systems. They are prepackaged to correct serving sizes and must steep for approximately 8 hours to draw out the components which render them medicinal. I recommend brewing a container size (I use a mason jar) right before bed and drinking the infusion incrementally the following day at your leisure. 

Some blends, which include adaptogens, will take time to present any observable differences. Adaptogens help our bodies adapt to stress and as such, they function accumulatively. These blends often require a break after 6 weeks to allow the body to regulate itself. Other blends will do the job after five days. 

But can't I just take a tincture of this stuff?


Sure! And you're all the better for it. I would never claim this regimen take the place of any other treatments. However, infusions offer taste and bioavailability that tinctures sometimes lack, depending on the herb. Much like how bitters activate bile duct secretion from the moment they hit your mouth; plant matter sends cues to body systems to activate healing when tasted.


Each blend contains herbs whose medicinal components are more bioavailable using water as the main extraction medium, as oppose to glycerine or ethanol. And I believe strongly in the intention of ritual in healing. Making the infusion and allowing the plants to do their work should feel meaningful. This encourages a bond between self-care and the natural world -- a lost art in westernized society, but an essential character of our DNA. 

Pioneer species are the first signs of life in a formerly destroyed ecosystem, such as in the event of a fire or deforestation. They are hardy and adaptable. They lay the foundation for a biodiverse environment that will rise organically from the life they create. Pioneer Flora was designed with this idea in my heart. Each blend cultivates a healthy, resilient foundation that once laid, the body completes the work it was meant for : to restore balance in our internal ecosystems. 

A quote from Art as Experience by John Dewey often plays in my head. "The live being recurrently loses and reestablishes equilibrium with his surroundings. The moment of passage from disturbance into harmony is that of intensest life."


May these moments of passage into harmony be worthwhile and plentiful. Happy healing!






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